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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of our current clients’ most common questions.

Network gear is not included, as we have found that every client prefers their own brand. Transformers are not included, and switchgear/ main breaker are typically not included but can be added on to a custom solution.

You should share electrical and engineering drawings with your general contractor and confirm anchor points using the drawings provided by DELV.

We recommend a concrete pad (rather than gravel) for loading your DELV mobile data center onto. A flat, level surface is ideal because the bus bar ties together between the sections of the cabinet. While you won’t need a concrete pad for an indoor Holstr delivery, you should still confirm that the slab thickness of the flooring will accommodate the weight of the infrastructure.

Please let us know! Whether you need replacement parts or general support, you can reach out by clicking the “Request Support” button on the left. The most commonly replaced parts include breaker modules, fans and shelves. 

Please be advised that the filter media in your Holstr 3R is washable. If you need to replace it entirely, 1/2″ media works well. In cooler climates during winter you can step it up to 3/4″ to keep out any fine snow blowing around. We recommend the MERV 4 rating for your replacement filter.

The filter media that came with your Holstr 3R was manufactured by PolyKlean. It should be available at your nearest Grainger’s.

Each shelf holds 12 miners. A six shelf high, 1MW array would hold 288 S19 units, but the number of shelves and array height can be customized.

The shelf height on your Holstr and Holstr 3R can be adjusted at any point to accommodate different types of miners. Please feel free to reach out for support on how to adjust your shelves if needed.

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