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Mobile Data Centers & Data Center Racking

Deployment Size: You are planning for 1MW or greater

Budget: You expect to spend $100,000+ per megawatt on infrastructure for inside an existing building or $200,000+ per megawatt for outdoor mobile solutions

Lead Time: A 12 -20 week lead time aligns with your deployment plan


Transformers & Switchgear

Looking to source transformers or custom switchgear? We can source this equipment from the US or overseas, or we can have it built to your specs.

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Relationships & Transparency Focused Sales Process

Our sales process is built on relationships. We want you to get to know our company, our manufacturing process, and feel confident in your decision to choose DELV. We also want to ensure we are a great fit for each potential client’s needs, which is why we take the time to answer all of your questions and get to know your company and unique project. We will always choose transparency and honesty even if it means not closing a sale.

Step 1

Introductory Call

After you have made a decision that DELV may be a good fit for your mining operation, schedule a call with one of our team members where we will better introduce ourselves and our products, and get to know you, your company, and project as well as specific infrastructure needs.

Step 2

Planning / Technical Call

If we both determine we are a good fit to work together, we would recommend a more detailed second call where we answer any initial technical questions you may have and create a plan for exactly which DELV products you need (model, shelving height, total MW).

Step 3

Project Quote

DELV will work to provide a formal quote based on the project/ deployment plan.

Step 4

Quote Review/ Q&A / Site Visits

We can schedule additional calls as needed to review details of quotes, answer any process or technical questions, and can also facilitate a site visit to meet the DELV team, engineers, and tour our state of the art manufacturing facility.

Step 5

Final Steps

If you decide to proceed with a purchase, we will work through sales agreements, PO’s, and invoicing. Once a deposit is paid your order is considered in progress and our manufacturing team will begin the ‘Design and Material Sourcing’ phase. Learn more about what happens next and our manufacturing process.

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