DELV at Mining Disrupt

Margo McLennan
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In July, the DELV team packed up and headed to Miami for the annual Mining Disrupt conference to showcase our UL-listed mining infrastructure and connect with other players in the industry. If you happened to be there as well, we hope you had a chance to stop by our booth and say hello. 

This event marked one year since our debut as a new company at Mining Disrupt in 2021, and it gave us the chance to see how much we’ve grown since then. Some of the most notable milestones we’ve reached in the past year include: 

  • We launched our website, for which we were recently awarded a Gold Hermes Creative Award
  • Our team has increased by 200% (and is still growing!). 
  • We sold 22 MW of mining infrastructure. 

We began setting up our booth display on Monday, two days before the conference started. Two members of our team made the drive from Utah to Miami with two NEMA 3R enclosures (complete with fully integrated racking and a power distribution cabinet) and an indoor racking setup with nine shelves, which brought it to nearly fifteen feet tall. It took two days and many hands to get the DELV booth set up and ready for viewing on Wednesday. 

When the conference began, we had the opportunity to converse with many of the approximately three thousand mining enthusiasts in attendance and demonstrate some key points that differentiate DELV mining infrastructure from the rest. 

The DELV Difference

  • Quality & Safety: We could talk about our manufacturing standards all day long, and that’s just what we did at Mining Disrupt. As one of the only fully UL-listed solutions on the market, we’re confident that we stood out at this event. Rigorous testing, routine inspections, and high-level certifications are part of what elevates DELV infrastructure. We weren’t there to compete for the lowest price point, but rather for the highest standards of safety and quality, and we think we succeeded on that front. 

  • Reach-in solution: If you were at Mining Disrupt, you might have noticed that, although we had a containerized solution on display, our booth was not in the designated container section of the convention center. That’s because we designed our outdoor solution as a reach-in cabinet instead of a walk-in. Any structure that you can walk into and is connected to a permanent utility is considered a building and is therefore subject to IBC (International Building Code). However, our patented racking system placed inside a NEMA 3R enclosure is no different than a mobile data center, so it does not have to meet building code requirements. 

  • Fully integrated: A critical point in what distinguishes DELV is our turnkey mining infrastructure. Our customers don’t have to worry about sourcing shelves, power panels, cords, etc. or hiring an electrical engineer for multiple weeks to deploy our racking. It arrives ready to be connected to power, with power modules, bus work, cables, and (when applicable) fans, filtration, and service entrance disconnect already included. Considering that a typical mining container installation can take weeks of setup with an electrician charging anywhere from $75-$125 per hour on top of the price of raw materials, many of our customers actually save money in the long run. 


In addition to displaying our mining solutions at Mining Disrupt, we also held speaking engagements on the importance of electrical safety in crypto mining. You can see our keynote speech to the right, as well as view a panel discussion here

Our team had a wonderful time at Mining Disrupt, and we’re hopeful that the attendees we spoke with left with newly heightened expectations for the quality and safety of their mining infrastructure. If you missed us at this year’s Mining Disrupt, we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

We take pride in manufacturing.

DELV products are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at our 350,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in Utah.

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