The Mining Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Margo McLennan
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DELV designs solutions to combat the challenges that come with crypto mining infrastructure. That’s why we’re bringing a fully integrated, turnkey, UL Listed mining container to the market, effectively removing the need to build one from scratch or source a lower quality option that doesn’t prioritize safety as much as we do. Sourcing raw materials from around the world and piecing the components together to fabricate your own crypto mining infrastructure can be cost-prohibitive, unsafe, and lately, unprecedentedly complicated. We’re proud to offer high-quality systems designed and built in the USA that eliminate frustrations for miners in this evolving global market.

Not long ago, conversations around shortages and supply chain issues were contained within the manufacturing community. But recently, it seems no one is exempt from the effects of a disrupted supply chain. Constructing your own mining infrastructure requires racks, panel boards, switchgear, breakers, cabling, busbars, PDUs, and more. In a time with raw material shortages and worldwide shipping delays, acquiring these necessary materials has become increasingly difficult for miners. That’s why we designed a patented solution that eliminates the need to source these materials.

Copper, for example, is a conductor used widely in electrical equipment, including crypto mining equipment. A global surge–mostly driven by an increase in renewable energies that use copper–has made the commodity both high in demand and cost. Aluminum and steel are also major players in the manufacturing of crypto infrastructure, and they are not exempt from current circumstances either. While these challenges pose problems for large manufacturers, it’s often an even bigger disruption for smaller scale container builders. Shortages and inaccessibility to certain raw goods can halt production on a mining container altogether.

The turnaround time on setting up your mining equipment can be drastically reduced by working with a manufacturer who already has necessary materials in stock. By sourcing materials in large quantities, we experience more stability in the market than a single individual or smaller manufacturing companies trying to piecemeal these goods together from around the world on their own.

Logistical challenges exist on a different plane altogether, continuing to inconvenience us beyond shortages alone. Even if a material is available and ready to ship, the systems in place to get orders where they need to be are under unprecedented stress. Lead times on electrical equipment are extremely high these days. Common electrical equipment, like switchboards and panelboards for example, have lead times up to one year from now. With shipping delays come other hurdles, too. Ambitious miners attempting to build their own solution often rely on a contracted electrical engineer to bring all the materials together. Hiring a qualified engineer from the small working pool that exists today has become increasingly costly.

This is where the value of our fully-integrated turnkey system stands out. Our patented mining infrastructure design includes:

  • Power cables
  • PDUs
  • Cabling
  • Breakers
  • Panel boards
  • Main disconnect
  • Assembly in a fully UL listed, US-based manufacturing facility

That means by the time you receive it, it’s ready to be anchored and connected to a transformer. By alleviating the stress that comes with supply and logistical challenges, we can make space for you to focus on all the other aspects of your operation. Leave the work to us–we’ll worry about the pieces coming together, where the copper is coming from, and how it’s getting to you. Not only will it be convenient, but it will also be the safest, highest quality solution possible.

All that being said, there’s merit to be found in paving your own way despite the obvious challenges. When it comes to sourcing for or completing your mining setup, let’s talk about how we can help. We can personally tailor any indoor or outdoor racking solution, even if it means building custom switchgear. Reach out – we’d be happy to set up a quick call and talk shop.

We take pride in manufacturing.

DELV products are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at our 350,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in Utah.

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