Why You Should Choose ISO Certified

Margo McLennan
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You’ve decided to invest in crypto mining infrastructure. How much do you trust your manufacturer and vendors? Can you say for certain that they are doing everything they can to maximize quality and efficiency? Are they putting your needs at the top of their list?

At DELV, we believe that “quality” is more than a buzz word–it’s a quantifiable standard that we hold ourselves to. That’s why our manufacturing site has extensive protocols in place to streamline processes and maximize customer satisfaction. In fact, we take it so seriously that we will settle for nothing less than a manufacturing partner with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Who are the ISO?

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental coalition of over 150 standards bodies from around the world. Their mission is to develop voluntary standards for businesses to ensure product safety and quality while encouraging innovation. These standards are especially important for manufacturers to ensure quality, but there are also ISO standards for business to evaluate their environmental impact and occupational health/safety. ISO works in partnership with the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) and the World Trade Organization to produce international standards that reduce trade barriers.

There are a wide range of ISO standards categories, but one of the few certifications that a business can achieve follows a set called ISO 9001. Attaining these standards helps manufacturers expand into new markets in which clients demand ISO 9001 certification, which is increasingly popular in private OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).

What is ISO 9001:2015?

The most recent version of these ISO 9001 standards is called ISO 9001:2015. It defines guiding principles to align and streamline processes so organizations can reduce costs, create new opportunities, and meet regulatory requirements. ISO 9001:2015 was published in September 2015, and it’s the most widely adopted standard in history.

There are seven quality management principles that an organization must fulfill for an ISO 9001:2015 certification:

  1. Customer focus – Organization meets customer requirements and strives to exceed expectations.
  2. Leadership – Leaders create and maintain an environment in which employees can become fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives.
  3. Engagement of people – People at all levels are the essence of an organization and are fully enabled to benefit the company.
  4. Process approach – Efficient results are achieved by managing activities and resources as a process.
  5. Improvement – Overall performance improvement is a permanent objective of the organization.
  6. Evidence-based decision making – Analysis of data and information guides effective decision-making.
  7. Relationship management – Organization and its external providers (suppliers, contractors, etc.) are interdependent, and their mutually beneficial relationship enhances their abilities to create value.


ISO 9001:2015 requires organizations to document all procedures required for its effective operation. It also calls for companies to issue a documented quality policy, quality management system scope, and quality objectives. New to the 2015 release is a requirement for organizations to assess risks and opportunities relevant to its purpose and strategic direction. An ISO 9001 certificate is not a once-and-for-all award but must be renewed at regular intervals, usually once every three years.

Why is ISO 9001 certification important?

There are several advantages to working with an ISO certified company. Certified organizations have clearly stated business objectives and identifiable opportunities for new business. They’ve identified their risks and the most efficient way to align their processes. These organizations have met all statutory and regulatory requirements, and they are committed to putting customers first.

By working with a manufacturer that has achieved all these objectives, you are ensuring high quality and stability. The suppliers have been fully vetted to guarantee high quality raw materials. The financials have been reviewed to ensure longevity. And, there are recall processes in place to notify end users in the event of safety hazards or defective parts. That’s why when we say DELV delivers on a promise of quality and integrity, we mean it. Just because the manufacturing of crypto mining infrastructure is a fairly new industry, that doesn’t mean you have to work with companies that don’t have your best interests in mind.

Our facility and the suppliers we use undergo regular audits to consistently meet–if not exceed–the highest possible standards. We have detailed paper trails and quality processes in place. We can say with certainty that we are doing everything to meet customer and stakeholder needs, and that we have continual improvement processes in place to keep getting better. Can your manufacturer say the same?

We take pride in manufacturing.

DELV products are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at our 350,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in Utah.

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Why You Should Choose ISO Certified

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