Exclusive Partnership with US-Based Manufacturer

We have partnered with Quality Electrical Systems to bring you ready access to the most well-designed electrical equipment on the market.

crypto mining tools
ISO certified

Our collaboration is far from arbitrary– QES has experience building data centers for organizations such as the NSA, Visa, Blue Cross, and eBay. The result is a team that uses thirty years of experience and some of the most advanced equipment in the industry to create high quality crypto mining infrastructure exclusively for DELV customers.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured In an ISO-Certified Facility

Our manufacturing location is a 350,000 square foot site located in Utah where everything from design and engineering to manufacturing and assembly is done under one roof. The state-of-the-art facility has achieved the increasingly required ISO 9001:2015 certification, meaning there are thorough systems in place for aligning processes, securing high caliber raw materials, and product recalls. The result is exceptionally tight quality control—it shows in our DELV products

Acute Precision, Down to 1/100th of an Inch

Our team uses SolidWorks software to create drawings and models for our products with extreme precision. This software sends the drawings straight to the machinery, leaving no room for human error. Models and drawings are backed up on our software for life, meaning we can manufacture an individual replacement piece at any time.

Lean Manufacturing to Customize to Your Needs

We are designed to be flexible and continuously improve. Our operations are not limited to a one-size-fits-all design, but rather we’ve created an agile product development process intended to maximize value to the customer. We can pivot our approach to enhance product quality at any point, and we can customize a mining solution to meet your exact needs. That means high-quality, scalable mining infrastructure built just for you.