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Embedded in everything we do—and it shows in our longstanding relationships with clients. Trust means the world in the crypto industry. That’s why we work hard not only to gain your trust, but to keep it, too.


Our mission is not just to sell a product, but to build relationships built on mutual success. We’re in the business of helping our clients and the crypto community succeed. That’s our bottom line.

Committed to Excellence

With standards as high as ours, some call us a team of perfectionists. We are dedicated to optimized processes, clear communication, and continuous improvement. It’s how we provide a top tier experience to our customers and partners.

Who, What, Where

Innovating for the Future

DELV was founded by Massachusetts-based brother and sister team Joe and Patty Stefanelli—two experts in the crypto industry and founders of Cryptech Solutions. In addition to becoming the largest volume reseller of ASICs in North America, they’ve worked since 2016 to build out communities and make the hardware market a safer place for buyers and sellers to transact.

With their experience, it was clear the next step would be to help the mining industry take a proactive approach to safer infrastructure, not only by manufacturing safer products but also by actively working to educate the community. Partnering with QES, a U.S. manufacturing and engineering firm, DELV is setting new standards for the crypto community—with an emphasis on integrity, quality and the best of service in crypto mining solutions.

As the industry evolves, DELV is poised to be at the forefront of change, addressing safety, quality and manufacturing standards head-on. Our commitment to our team, partners, customers and the crypto community has always been—and continues to be—at the center of why we exist.

Press Release

DELV Makes Crypto Mining Safer and Easier to Deploy Than Ever Before

With a patented, turnkey design and nationally recognized safety standards, DELV’s innovative crypto mining infrastructure sets a whole new standard in the mining industry.

Meet the Team

With more than 10 years of combined experience in crypto, we’re here to help you mine safely and efficiently.

Patty Stefanelli

CEO & Co-Founder

Joe Stefanelli

CTO & Co-Founder

Matt Bane

Sales Lead

Valeria Aqrabawi

Operations & Business Development Lead

Lexie Leighton

Client Experience Specialist

Margo McLennan

Executive Assistant

Maryanne Stefanelli

Administrative Operations Manager

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