UL Listed, all-in-one solutions

Meet Our Patented Design

DELV products are created with a sleek, innovative design intended to empower crypto miners while staying safe

Our products are created with a level of intention that surpasses anything we’ve seen before in the industry. Every single detail of our modern design has been carefully planned, down to the corners and types of screws.

Designed by engineers

Patented design, made in the U.S.


Designed for durability in an evolving market


Created with a plan to reduce maintenance

An Industry First

Simple, Streamlined Infrastructure, Ready Whenever You are

Holstr & Holstr 3R

Indoor/Outdoor Data Center Racking

DELV crypto mining containers encompass everything you need to get up and running—in as little time as possible. Consider the alternative: sourcing all the individual components and farming out the electrical contracting. DELV saves you from the challenges that come with supply issues, safety concerns, and deployment.

Empowering Your Mining Experience

Your source for fully customizable products and other electrical equipment

Custom Switchgear & Panel Boards and Transformer Sourcing

In addition to our fully integrated products, DELV offers transformers and switchgear for a complete solution. With our many manufacturing partnerships, we can secure transformers from the U.S. or overseas. We can also design and build custom switchgear, panel boards, and other components for your mining operation.


Units are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Utah, U.S. 

DELV solutions have a 508A UL Listing.

Global supply chain issues that have made sourcing raw material more difficult, bringing our current lead time to about sixteen weeks.

UL Listed indicates that an entire product has been tested against industry standards and approved by the UL organization.

UL classified means the product has been tested only in regard to one specific property rather than as a whole.

UL recognized refers to one part or component in a larger mechanism that adheres to UL standards.

Current capacity allows us to manufacture 20MW per month, with the ability to rapidly scale based on client demands.
These can be run on 480/277 or 415/240 3 phase. Units are designed to be ready to connect directly to switchgear, or we can include main breaker in the unit to allow you to connect directly to transformer.

Each shelf holds 12 miners. A six shelf high, 1MW array would hold 288 S19 units, but the number of shelves and array height can be customized.

Network gear is not included, as we have found that every client prefers their own brand. Transformers are not included, and switchgear/ main breaker are typically not included but can be added on to a custom solution.
jon demko
coin miner
— Jon Demko

Co-founder, COO, Coin Miner (Division of Atlas Power)