Ahead of the Curve

Safety is where DELV excels, with the highest standards and requirements that go well beyond what the industry has seen thus far, including fully UL Listed manufacturing with our exclusive partner, Quality Electrical Systems.

crypto mining tools
ISO certified

DELV is driven to set high industry standards. UL Listed parts and assembly are not yet required in the crypto mining industry, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't be prepared. Being UL Listed means our products are code-compliant, thoroughly tested and routinely inspected by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. Our ultra safe approach ensures longevity for your mining operation.

Not Just Selling a Product

We’re actively working with leaders in the crypto community to make mining a safer and more stable industry as a whole.

Rated to Protect You

DELV’s products are rated to protect against hazards like fire, electrocution and arc flash.

Ever Compliant

As industry regulations evolve, DELV’s UL Listed infrastructure will help keep you compliant and safe.

0 ft Safe Distance

Our finger-safe products are always safe to touch, even in the event of an arc flash.

More Power to You

Our mining infrastructure products are designed to safely interrupt short circuit currents up to 100,000 amps while simultaneously mitigating arc flash exposure.

Moving the Industry Toward Safety

Safety isn’t just a buzzword for us. It’s a core value we uphold throughout our entire approach. We settle for nothing less than products with UL Listed assembly from an ISO-certified manufacturing partner, allowing us to create compliant Bitcoin mining solutions without ever compromising safety.

With our UL Listing, DELV products, and each of their individual components, have been through extensive testing for electrical safety, mechanical safety, resistance and longevity. They’ve even undergone durability tests during adverse conditions to ensure a safe, high-quality product. On top of that, we’ve agreed to unscheduled and unannounced inspections of our facility on a regular basis.

It doesn’t end with the delivery of your mining infrastructure, though. Should we learn down the line of any malfunctioning parts, we have a detailed recall process in place. We don’t just want to make your mining operation safe–we want to keep it that way.