Why Choose DELV?

Expect nothing less than the best quality, safety and experience—a whole new standard for the mining community. Finally.

Our infrastructure expertise runs deep. Since 2016, our sister company, Cryptech, has been a trusted broker for hardware, power and hosting in the mining space. We bring that experience to the table with DELV.

Quality Is Built In—Guaranteed.

Our partnership with U.S. engineering manufacturer QES ensures top-tier quality—from our UL Listed mobile data centers to our custom switchgear.

With You Every Step of the Way

Our attention to detail—and to our customers—separates us in the crypto mining space. We’re here for you, from the very first handshake through deployment and beyond.

There’s Safety in Our Products.

DELV infrastructure is UL Listed, compliant and built to keep you up and running, safely for the long term.

Our Turnkey Solution Enables You to Be Up and Running in No Time.

Safety beyond the status quo

DELV infrastructure is rated to protect against electrocution, fire, and arch flash. And its assembly is fully UL listed, not just a component or two–making the entire structure safety certified. Not everyone can say that.

Innovative, future-proof design

DELV solutions are fully integrated and ready for deployment upon delivery, but that doesn't mean you're getting a cookie-cutter product. You can customize your array, adjust shelf spacing if needed, and expand your operation at any point.

ISO-certified manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing takes place in an ISO-certified facility. Every step of the process takes place under one roof, ensuring tight quality control. This certification also means a recall process is in place to protect against malfunctions and unsafe or defective parts.

— Mike Groff

Founder & CEO, Supplybit